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[学术活动] Present Status and Trend of Femtosecond Laser Processing in AMOLED Display Manufacturing Industry of Korea(3月19日学术报告)
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[学术活动] 固体激光的PDT应用(3月10日学术报告)
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[学术活动] The Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb and its applications(3月5日学术报告)
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[学术活动] Design of phosphate optical glasses through their structure-properties relationships(2月2日学术报告)
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[学术活动] Optical microscopy and tomography for biomedical applications(4月8日学术报告)
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[国内动态] 长春光机所成功争取到天绘一号卫星有效载荷研制任务
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