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[领域动态] Tunable single quantum dot nanocavities for cavity QED experiments
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[领域动态] High-speed, high-optical-efficiency laser scanning using a MEMS-based in-plane vibratory sub-wavelength diffraction grating
来源: iop    浏览次数:8次    发布时间: 2008-07-10 00:00:00
[领域动态] Use of Grating in Reading Multilayer Discs to Reduce Amount of Interlayer Crosstalk
来源: iop    浏览次数:7次    发布时间: 2009-03-23 00:00:00
[领域动态] A fibre optic humidity sensor based on a long-period fibre grating coated with a thin film of SiO2 nanospheres
来源: iop    浏览次数:5次    发布时间: 2009-02-04 00:00:00
[领域动态] Manipulating feature sizes in Si-based grating structures by thermal oxidation
来源: iop    浏览次数:4次    发布时间: 2008-07-02 00:00:00
[领域动态] Grating Substrates Fabricated by Nanoimprint Lithography for Fluorescence Microscopy
来源: iop    浏览次数:11次    发布时间: 2009-06-22 00:00:00
[领域动态] Design and fabrication of freestanding pitch-variable blazed gratings on a silicon-on-insulator wafer
来源: iop    浏览次数:9次    发布时间: 2009-01-20 00:00:00
[领域动态] Effects of cyclic temperature change on the out-of-plane deformation and diffraction angle of a surface micromachined curved grating
来源: iop    浏览次数:6次    发布时间: 2009-09-16 00:00:00
[领域动态] Multiple Optical Traps with a Single-Beam Optical Tweezer Utilizing Surface Micromachined Planar Curved Grating
来源: iop    浏览次数:7次    发布时间: 2010-11-22 00:00:00
[领域动态] Scanning grating based in-plane movement sensing
来源: iop    浏览次数:11次    发布时间: 2010-07-02 00:00:00
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